Free Stuff – Gotta Love It

Free Cycling Jacket

A few weeks ago I subscribed to Mountain Bike Rider magazine.  I could pretend that it was for the pull-out route maps; the skills advice; the workshop articles… but to be honest, there are two reasons for me subscribing:

  1. 10% off the cover price.
  2. A FREE Altura Nevis cycling jacket.
I love free stuff, I do.

Smug Man in Free Altura Nevis Jacket.

The jacket’s last year’s model I believe, but it’s a cracking windstopper, and waterproof too.  The reflective bits on the front (as you can see here) and on the bumflap will be helpful and this used to retail at more than £50.  It cost me less than hat to subscribe to a magazine I was going to buy anyway, so I’m a winner! Hurrah for me.

Check Out My Cherries!

While I’m on a cheapo tip, look at these babies:


Virtually Free Cherry Tomatoes-In-Waiting

Regular readers will know about my £7-greenhouse-£25-base exploits.  Well, this propagator is full of seeds we dried out from actual cherry tomatoes, stolen from a salad.  They’re growing, actually growing and everything, which is cool.

They should be ready for transplanting outside before too long, then later in the summer we can have lots and lots of cherry tomatoes.  Salads; sauces; pizza; barbecues; soups… I’m going to be heartily sick of cherry toms by autumn but it’s pretty cool for the kids to witness.

Next year I think I should try to grow amusing-shaped vegetables. Any ideas what’s good to grow?

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14 comments on “Free Stuff – Gotta Love It

  1. Les

    You look as pleased as a “Pig in S**t” or maybe
    “The cat that got the cream” well anyway u look realy chuffed mate

  2. JobySp

    Aaah – gotta love growing your own veg – I believe MarryJC has his own allotment and had some lovely sprouts.

    As for good to grow – spuds are easy, as are chillies. Toms of course too. Lettuce is very easy also. and Cabbage.

  3. Phill

    Yeah, I’d forgotten it was coming to be honest. I wore it for the evening and even greeted a couple of friends who popped round wearing my smart new jacket with the label still on! What a prat 😉

  4. Phill

    Joby, Chillies, what a great shout. Love ’em. Making salsa is one of my favourite things. Those spud bags are supposed to be good, I might get one of those. I’m not a fan of lettuce and cabbage, but I do have a herb planter with 2 types of mint, thyme, basil and chives in it. Raspberries and strawberries in t’garden too. It’s like The Good Life!

    But pepper and chillies, that sounds like the future.

  5. JobySp

    Louise (thats “the wife” to Lez) has just planted 100’s of things – god knows what – I’ll check with her when I get home.

    Oh – strawbs are good too if you look after them.

  6. Phill

    Strawbs kicked all this off. Last year we got about 6 off our scrawny little plant and the kids then turned their noses up at shop-bought ones! I’m hopeful about the rasps because I bloody love ’em with ice cream.

    I like the idea of stuff that growns on bushy-type things cos I don’t have aywhere to plant stuff and dig it up. So pots are the way forward.

  7. Lost

    Jacket looks good. They usually do give pretty great stuff as incentives with the bike mags.
    Pearl Izumi do some great jackets too, though I’m loathe to wear jackets on the bike at all. I occasionally wear my windstopper when it’s real bad or gets cold on a ride, but I’ve been known to ride in rain without a jacket!

  8. Phill

    Cheers Lost. I know what you mean but when I’m out with N1S we need to keep dry! He wouldn’t take kindly to getting soggy. It’s also suitable for jeans without the bike, which is an unexpected bonus.

  9. Lost

    I wear my PI jacket at times off the bike. My Endura one is great for winter nights tho – it’s bright orange!

    Staying dry, yeah, muddy and your son should love it 😉

    I really should wear a jacket when in club kit and it rains – top is white, though luckily has red and blue ‘rays’ across the chest.

  10. Phill

    Ha ha quite, you don’t want to look like you’re smuggling peanuts on wet rides.

    I wore the new one to work today (dress down Fridays) as it’s a bit blowy and drizzly. Ideal! No pockets except the back one, but I have a manbag for my gubbins so it’s all gravy.

  11. Lost

    Yeah, the lack of pockets on jackets is an issue. But then if they had them (other than the huge one they seem to put on) I doubt they’d be very waterproof.

    Manbag? Manbag?! Sigh….;)

  12. Phill

    Yeah, you’ve got to be at ease with your sexuality to carry a manbag!

    On a more useful note, the new jacket folded down into a nice little package to attach to my frame for yesterday’s little lake loop. It was a bit blowy but it wasn’t needed in the end.

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