#August150 Round Up. Great Cycling You Lot.

August 150 Is Done!

I’m amazed how quickly August passed by.Β  The holidays certainly helped: there’s something about being at home or away with the kids that makes time fly.Β  It’s been a fun month though.Β  Anyway, you’re not reading for that, you want the round-up, right?

Well, here we go:

  • 41 – the number of people on the sheet
  • 35 – the number who posted some mileage – very impressive!
  • 23 – the number who rode more than 150 miles! Wow πŸ™‚

Special mentions go to the following people:

  • John Berry, for being first to complete AND for topping 1,000 miles in the month.Β  That’s an average of over 33 miles every day.Β  Is this a man or a machine?Β  Follow his blog, why don’t you?
  • Louise K, for being the first girly to hit the 150, and for doing it on an adventure riding the Liverpool-Leeds canal.Β  That’s exactly the type of thing I was thinking way back in the June100 days: enjoying the bike and increasing the miles πŸ™‚ Read about her adventures more on her blog, too.
  • The Le Tower To Tower riders (Emma, Dave, Anthony and Chrisplus a couple of other guys who aren’t in the challenge) who finished the month hitting around 100 miles each day – along with smashing the September target too – on their ride between the Blackpool and Eiffel towers.Β  Awesome work, you lot.

Have a look at the full spreadsheet here.Β  With an average of over 213 miles per person, I’m chuffed to be associated with this stuff.

It’s September, And That Means The Sep100 !

I asked for some quick feedback on twitter, and enough people responded positively.Β  So, I set up the Sep100 spreadsheet to keep the challenge rolling πŸ™‚

What’s Changed?

Thanks to input from Lisa, Austin and others, I’ve added a column for stationary miles.Β  Now as far as I can see, the definition “stationary” kinda means they’re not miles, but I’ll leave that argument for another day.Β  So if you’re turbo training or the weather turns nasty, you can still clock up some activity.

Lisa also suggested a TT league, but due to time and technical issues I’ve simply addedΒ “best 5 mile” and “best 10 mile” columns.Β  Just time your best 5 and 10 mile splits, record them somewhere and stick them into the sheet.Β  It’s just another excuse to compete (and no doubt something Lisa plans to win)!

If you want to join the club, just hit the sheet and email me at the address shown there.Β  Simple!

Enjoy your September Cycling, everyone πŸ™‚

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14 comments on “#August150 Round Up. Great Cycling You Lot.

  1. John Berry

    Thxs Phill…

    Hmm lets check…yep I’m a man πŸ™‚

    I just have an addictive personality…Its all Rafe’s fault he challenged me to do 11400 miles this year (Then he would donate a sum to charity)…..and I dont fail!

  2. Lost

    See, now, I’ve done the miles, I just never got round to plotting them or putting them on the sheet cos other things got in the way, but they defo got done. My velodrome miles would’ve put me on target and the ride I did the day after would’ve took me over. But I’m not gonna argue over it πŸ™‚

    As for JB, what can I say? If’s just a superb specimen of a cycling nut πŸ˜‰

  3. Lou

    I’m bowing out of Sept. I rode 20 miles of it already but my bikes now in the shop for up to two weeks (neatly before I die on a Great Rock course in front of 5 other people) to get the forks switched out so that’s me out of it. No way I can ride 80 miles in one week while working. Count me in for October though.

  4. @phillconnell

    Hey Lou, no worries. Shame about the bike problems though. Hope it’s all fixed nicely when you get it back.

    John, I admire your inability to say No. πŸ˜‰

    Lost, You can still stick the miles in you know, if you’ve done them! Save your pride!

  5. LTMWB

    Thank you Phill for starting all this madness off mate πŸ™‚

    JB is a true cycling Legend oh and he is a bit mad πŸ™‚ in a nice way

  6. Pete smith

    Great idea, never thought I would get anywhere near the mileage so it’s been a great insentive. Well done

  7. @phillconnell

    I’m just glad it’s having some effect. It’s definitely improved my motivation. OK, my #Sep100 mileage has been pants so far πŸ™ but at least I feel bad about it. A few months ago I would have just let it slide and trotted out my excuses: yeah, I’m busy; Yeah my bones ache; Yeah I’m getting old… so what? Life’s for the taking, and the challenges push me to try and take a bit more of it.

    Damn, I need to get out and ride….

  8. @phillconnell

    It’s not easy sometimes. I’m stalled on 8 miles on the 12th. Not good. Need to pull my finger out. Can’t ride next weekend either.

  9. PhilR

    I’m stalled on 6.5, my weekends are shot at the moment, stuff on today and off to Blackpool next weekend for wedding anniversary so time running out πŸ™‚
    However my legs are beginning to feel like my own again so hopefully I may get a few miles after work through the week.

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