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Phill Connell Profile

Marketing : Phill Connell, MBA, MCIM

B2B Marketing : Phill Connell

With 30+ years of Business-to-Business Marketing experience, Phill now makes it his work to deliver practical, real-world Marketing Solutions to help your business grow.

A Marketing Manager in blue chip organisations for over 25 years, Phill is highly skilled, specialising in campaigns and content to generate new business for your organisation.

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Phill Connell MBA MCIM

Phill has his degree in Marketing, full membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an MBA from Manchester Business School, one of the world’s top MBA providers.

Through major corporate employers Phill has enjoyed a wide variety of training in Marketing and Business Leadership disciplines. Education is a wonderful thing, but only works when it’s applied to your real world issues. Phill prides himself on transforming the learning he’s done into outcomes that deliver growth and results.

Phill’s more recent projects include:

  • Building a new set of lead generation processes and measurement programme, to manage the delivery of campaigns to real targets in a highly competitive B2B energy consultancy environment. This resulted in increased campaign engagement (open rates up to 21% from 14%), click through results (up to 14% from 7%) and qualified leads (doubled in 18 months).
  • Delivering product and corporate photography for clients across a variety of industries.
  • Delivering email and social campaigns to generate leads, resulting in new business and increased revenue from existing customers.
  • Writing and publishing valuable, informative content for business websites and offline media. This generated new leads from new prospects via effective use of data gathering techniques.
  • Managing outsourced lead generation efforts to secure over 100 qualified appointments per month, on a continuous basis, for high-value sales opportunities.

If you would like to talk about your Business’ Marketing needs, or see a copy of Phill’s full CV, please complete the form or call 07397 919938.

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    Lead Generation & Data Management

    Good data is the fuel for your Marketing engine. It increases the efficiency of your operation and improves your return on effort and expenditure. When coupled with best-in-class Lead Generation your business will achieve positive revenue growth.

    We will work with you to:

      • identify the data you already hold in your business
      • build a database of potential customers and existing clients
      • apply segmentation to improve your targeting and enhance your database with extra information to improve your results
      • deliver campaigns and communications directly to your targets
      • generate qualified leads, increasing your income

    Turning your data into information will improve your marketing results. We will help you with List management, Data cleansing & enhancement, Campaign delivery, Communications, Monitoring & measurement.

    Extract more value from the data held in your business.

    Call 07397 919938: Talk to us today about evaluating your data to improve your results and generate new income.


    Phill Connell B2B Marketing Solutions

    Marketing Solutions

    Practical, Measured Marketing Solutions for Growing Businesses.

    At Phill Connell Marketing Solutions, we work with growing businesses to build Marketing Strategies and Action Plans to identify new customers, target communications and generate new revenue.

    Once we’ve agreed your Action Plan, we work alongside you to deliver it. Most of our clients know what they need to achieve: we provide the tools, techniques, experience and hands-on activity to make it happen.

    Marketing That Works.

    Lead generation to increase your revenue from customers and prospects.

    Photography that shows your business in the best possible light, published in all the right places to improve your business profile.

    Campaign Delivery to keep your business front-of-mind with your audience.

    Content Creation to ensure that your business communications are topical, useful and relevant.

    The “Make Your Small Business Great” Podcast.

    Listen and subscribe to the Make Your Small Business Great” podcast on your favourite podcast app or on Spotify. Practical tips for business owners and managers from a 25 year Marketing expert.

    Listen on:

    Phill Connell Photos

    A Leading Authority on Business Photography

    Business and Commercial Photography: Phill Connell Photos

    Great commercial photography puts your business in front of your customers. Visual identity is more important than ever, and your photographs have an enormous responsibility.

    A lifelong Marketing Professional and Photographer, Phill combines his skills for his clients to deliver clear, appealing images. From photos of your business, to completed products and projects, to professionally-lit and captured portrait shots for your team members… Photos are used everywhere to promote great businesses.

    Examples of my photography can be seen at:

    PhillConnellPhotos – where my publicly-available client work and favourite photos are. This is also where you can buy prints and book me for photography work.

    Phill Connell Photos on Facebook – my Facebook page shows my recent work and my contact details.

    Virtual Tours and 360° Photographs

    Visit our Virtual Tour page for more information on this exciting way to bring more people into your business while enhancing your online success.

    Please contact me using the form below to ask about my work, and to let me know what you’re looking for. All challenges considered!

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