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Virtual Tours & 360 Images

A Virtual Tour Of Your Business Will Enhance Your Profile, Bring Customers Into Your Premises and Improve Your Search Engine Scores.


When you publish a Virtual Tour of your business premises to Google Maps and Google Street View, your customers find it easier to see you on the web, and the stunning 360 images allow them to see inside your business, in glorious all-around detail on their phone or computer.

Your business instantly gets a better profile via Google, which improves your search ranking.

Everybody wins, especially your potential customers who are more likely to visit you after they’ve seen the images.

Phill Connell Marketing Solutions are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, certified to submit photos to Google Maps and Google Street View for your business. You will retain control over the images once they’re put online.

With photography, submission to Google Maps & Google Street View AND your 360-degree images available for you to post on social media from only £200, message me for details on – see you soon!

Phill Connell Google Street View Trusted Photographer

More Examples:

Bring People Into Your Premises – 360° Panorama Photos for your website:

Just click and drag to look around…

Show Your Customers Around – Interior Tours:

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Marketing Data versus Information - Phill Connell

Marketing Data versus Information: My Challenge to You.

This Marketer’s Looking For Answers. Can You Help?

(This post was first published on Linked in, February 2016)

As a marketer, I’ve spent countless hours wrestling with Data to provide my stakeholders with Information. It’s a challenge that will never go away, for anyone who works in a role where things are routinely measured. Can you honestly say that you don’t face this challenge yourself? If not, you’re lucky and you can move on with your day. Don’t let me keep you!

Marketing Data versus Information - Phill Connell

Marketing Data versus Information – Phill Connell

Combining Multiple Data Sources Into One Report

When showing useful information about Marketing KPIs or performance to people who are interested, single Data sources are usually ok. On-board reporting tools from CRM systems like Salesforce (or another) are powerful and incredibly useful. Email delivery systems; webinar platforms; even social media tools all possess good on-board reporting. But what about combining these into one Marketing Dashboard which shows your true Marketing-to-Lead-to-Order supply chain?

Excel, the dreaded Reporting Tool Of Last Resort, can be a wonderful thing. But not very often. I’ve tried that. It’s just so fickle. It’s not good for delivering repeatable, structured, sustainable reporting. Solve your problems in Excel, hand them to someone else and watch them break your spreadsheet. It just doesn’t work.

Then just try to slice & dice the Data into a different view. Got a nice view by campaign? Great, someone will ask for the same Data by the date leads were received. Bah! It’s not them, it’s you – or rather it’s your half-arsed report.

So, What Should I Do?

I need to combine data from multiple marketing channels into a single Marketing Dashboard. I’ve got a combined email and landing page platform, a webinar platform, tracked shortened urls to tell the sources of traffic to my landing pages, and common campaign names across these platforms to enable me to join the data. I need to be able to slice & dice my Data into different Informative views: by date; by campaign; by geography; by Sales team…

Here’s your challenge: Just tell me what I should use. I’m leaning towards Tableau as a visualisation tool but only because I know my organisation already uses it elsewhere. As far as organising the basic Data goes, I could probably do it in Excel or Google Sheets using regular updates from my channel platforms. At least that gives me flat files to report from. Maybe in future I could move to real-time APIs, we can talk about that later. But I need the flat data sheets to combine into a repeatable, consistent, shareable format which makes sense and helps to tell our story of Marketing Excellence in a compelling way. That’s where you come in…

Can You Help?

Have you solved this conundrum in your organisation? Do you use a great Marketing Dashboard already? Did you find something off the peg or build it from the ground up?

If you’ve got a good idea, tell me about it. I’m all ears. My stakeholders will be eternally grateful, but not as grateful as I will be. Comment here or get in touch via LinkedIn, I’d love to hear from you.

Marketing Training - photo: The Gherkin by Phill Connell Photos

Training & Profile Building

Marketing Training for your business. In-house or one-on-one the choice is yours. Phill will help your to focus your marketing on what works to grow your business.

On-site Marketing Training to maximise your success. Build your Business and Personal Profile.
Group Training or One-to-one, its up to you.
More than 25 years of Marketing experience to improve your business performance and visibility.

Where is your business growing to?

Find out how Phill Connell Marketing Solutions can accelerate your business growth. Practical, realistic steps to improve your revenue generation.

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