Sorry …

I haven’t blogged enough. I’ve been very busy.

But today, you’ll be glad to know, I’m doing this…


Lovely, lovely tea.

So forgive me. I’ll start biggin us all up again soon, I promise.

How are you doing with your #Oct100 miles, you lot? 🙂

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5 comments on “Sorry …

  1. Phill

    Ah well, at least you feel guilty Juan 😉

    I had the wine when I got home after yesterday’s ride. Today I’ve been dragged around Rochdale Town Centre, it’s not good. Some guy drove his car at some doormen last night because they wouldn’t let him in a bar. Classy.

  2. Lisa

    It started off well. Then the lurgy got me. Today’s planned miles haven’t happened. Might scrape 100 together but it’ll be a mix of leisure, turbo and commute miles.

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