Sodding Diabetes

I don’t blog about my diabetes much. It’s as much part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth; washing my hair; making bad jokes.

This morning, however, before trudging into the snow to defrost the car and get to work I failed to notice that my phial of daytime insulin (Novorapid) was almost empty.

As a result, I’ve just had 4 units of Novorapid instead of the usual 14 I take to counteract the sugars my body will make from my lunch. I’m only a little bloke but I metabolise fast so I’m lucky enough to be able to eat like it’s going out of fashion.

But … today, I’ll be getting through to teatime with only one slice of bread, some (carbohydrate-free) cheese and ham and nowt else inside me. The rest of my scrummy goodies will be going back home uneaten.

Within an hour my stomach will feel like my throat’s been cut.

Bloody Diabetes, grrrrr.

On 4 Units Of Insulin? Nope!

Curse you, diabetes! 🙁

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4 comments on “Sodding Diabetes

  1. Crimmey

    So if you have the full dose of insulin you can eat what you want, when you want? What do you do? Or is there still a strict diet to follow? Do you need to test your glucose levels all the time? Ive been trying to help the missus who has an extremely mild form ( shes only on the tablets) and eating carb free is a $%^^in’ nightmare although she’s been told she doesn’t need to, it will help in the long run. Its so difficult to feel full. One day I had to eat 3 burgers and 6 sausages just for lunch as its difficult to eat when I need to at work.

  2. Phill

    Whoah! 😉
    OK here goes. Insulin does give a lot more flexibility to manage blood sugars but can’t help with calories: i.e. If you eat what & when you want you will still be a lardarse. I follow a good high-fibre carb-based diet, mainly low fat (but avoiding stupid food industry “low fat high sugar” diet(my arse) foods. I test my glucose levels daily now but after 20 years on the insulin I don’t need to watch trends within the day any more – my mealtimes and activity are pretty predictable.
    Your Missus will be Type 2 and managed by tablets, which give less flexibility; but her body will still be producing some insulin which should help her smooth out the peaks in blood sugar. Going the full Atkins Meatatarian route is a pain in the ass but would work – however it’s not sustainable so I’d recommend (and I’m no doctor) learning to manage a proper intake of proper food.
    Cut down on the high-fat, high sugar stuff; increase fibre on the carbs (don’t peel anything; wholemeal bread; wholemeal pasta). It’s tastier anyway although sometimes it can be an acquired taste. Refined carbs push your blood sugar right up about an hour after eating; whereas wholemeal is much steadier.
    Your Missus will probably not suffer from hypos yet (low blood sugar) but if and when she does, allow her a treat. I don’t eat bloody lucozae tablets; get some nice tasty choc down yer neck, it’s some small compensation for being stuck with the condition.
    If you want any advice at all, just shout. It’d be my pleasure. I’m no expert but 20 years down the line I’m still here and I can still feel my feet. 🙂

  3. Lee

    I knew about the bad jokes Phill but brushing your teeth and washing your hair? That’s another one of the jokes right?! 🙂
    Love you really and as a result of the pain I felt whilst reading I have decided to fast on Monday* in honour of your hunger on Friday (8th).

    * 07:30 to 07:35.

  4. Phill

    Hey, thanks Lee! I think I fasted at that time too, mainly because I was thinking about getting a shower at that time. Do you wet the bed?

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