Motivation #May100 Maladies

This May Motivation Malarky

I’ve noticed that the 30 Days Of Biking was a brilliant idea for most of us, urging us to take advantage of the Spring weather to put some miles in.  Since May began, I’m seeing people struggling to get the bikes out.

Why is that?  I know that the May weather’s not been as good as April here in the UK.  I know that the effort of riding 30 times in April is a Herculean one (which I didn’t achieve by the way).  I know that motivation commonly works in cycles and that a pause is a natural reaction to a flurry.

I just hope that we all get back into a sustainable habit soon.  It’s reassuring to read that everyone else seems to struggle finding the time and desire to open the shed door, but it’s more motivational to read about the times you do get out, to see the photos you do take, and to enjoy your rides by proxy whilst dreaming about the one I’m planning to do this Sunday/Tuesday/whenever.

Go on. Open the shed.

Shopping Advice Request

OK, so this isn’t usually a forum where I ask you how to spend my money, but:

1. SDG Bel Air or Charge Spoon saddle?

2. 661 Recon helmet? In the light shade? Or what else should I look at?

Hey, if I can’t abuse my readership by picking their brains, what can I do with this flippin’ blog? 🙂

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7 comments on “Motivation #May100 Maladies

  1. John Berry

    If I had lots of surplus cash it would be a Ferrari for me…

    Or better still my own Island…

  2. Phill

    🙂 Gah, I give you a shortlist and you add a new complication! I do prefer the light lid.

  3. Andi Thompson

    Weather has been the hardest part this month for me, last month was so nice I felt like quick rides after work, this months been so wet and windy I’ve had to drag myself out.

    Like the idea of spending money to help motivation, I’ve just done the same myself 😀

    I prefer the Bel Air to the Spoon, but unfortunately saddles are really personal and impossible to tell until you’ve ridden them for a few months to break them in. Spoon is cheap though, so its easier on the wallet if you find you don’t like it. Most people seem to love them.

  4. One Loose Nut

    Perhaps they should have made it #45daysofbiking or #60daysofbiking. I’m certainly feeling the lack of cycling kicking in again despite numerous promises over the weekend.

    Still, this week WILL be different (if I say it enough it may come true).

    As for the things to buy: I have no idea what they are, although the second has the feel of US military too it. A Brooks saddle has always appealed (until you get to the “Care for your saddle” bit in the instructions).

  5. @phillconnell

    The behavioural scientists reckon it takes 30 days to make a habit, or break one, so I can see the logic to 30 days…. but it seems that a full-on #30daysofbiking was difficult, so people aren’t sustaining it. But hey, at least it makes us feel bad about not cycling much in May! 😉

    I’m with you on the Brooks saddle thing. I’m afraid I’m not committed enough to buy a saddle which needs loving care. It’s as much as I can manage to wash my bike once every 3 or 4 muddy rides! I’ll be honest, I tend to wait until my gears start to jam up.

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