Join The Monthly Cycling Challenge

Join Our Monthly Cycling Challenge.

It’s simple.  A whole load of riders just log their miles into our spreadsheet on Google Docs.  All you need is a Google account and you’re in!

Follow the hashtag #12×100  if you use Twitter and join in the fun.  All our Twitter names are in the sheet so keep in touch if you can – it’s all about the peer pressure 🙂

Want To Join In During 2014?

It’s easy.  No really, it’s really, really easy!

Just use this form to send me the email you log in to Google with.  I’ll do the rest.

How’s It Going?

Have a quick look at how we’re going on the actual spreadsheet here…

Or, here’s the recent info from our Strava Club, which you can join too:

How Did We Do In 2012?

More than 63,000 miles cycled indoors and out: For fun, exercise or getting to work. Impressive!

…And 2011?

It was a great year. Between us, we put over 74,000 miles on the roads, turbo trainers and trails in 2011, with over 59,000 being just leisure miles!

Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

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