Lee Quarry Mountain Biking

This is my first blog update for a little while as I’ve been off on a late Easter break. It’s been fun and has involved barbecues; family reunions; baptisms and seaside days out among other things – we can cram a lot into a week!

Mountain Biking at Lee Quarry

But this entry is about the rather wonderful place they call Lee Quarry.  On Monday, Number One Son and I threw our bikes in the back of the car and headed just outside Bacup for the afternoon.  On arrival, our first thought was “Ooooh, pants” as the hill up to the entrance from the car park is a bit of a doozy.  Nevertheless, we trudged up, rode a bit, trudged a bit more and got to the trails.  We weren’t disappointed!

As you can see on the Google Earth map, we only did about 1/3 of the quarry.  We should have taken a map really!  The quarry is brilliant: an alien moonscape reminiscent of 70’s Doctor Who sets without the Daleks, but 70’s Daleks would struggle with the killer gradients on some of the trails.  There are sections where you definitely have to get off and push/carry but hey, for every uphill there’s a down!

The trails are well marked and a lot of trail-building has been done over the winter.  There’s a new pump track which you can see in one of the photos above, and the skills area has been improved.  Parts of the red route run alongside the green and blue trails, which is excellent if (like me) you take your offspring along with you.

We had a fantastic couple of hours and we’ll certainly be going up there a few more times over the summer.  I’d go if I were you.  Tell ’em Phill sent you! 🙂

Here’s a short video of one the little technical sections.  I posted a couple of others on YouTube too if you fancy a glance:

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6 comments on “Lee Quarry Mountain Biking

  1. jobysp

    It dawned on me today whilst in my mates shop, that he sells mountain bikes, and he had some beautiful ones too!

    Perhaps I’ll be joining you on these cracking rides soon!

  2. lost

    Any (www.trio25.blogspot.com) rides at Lee Quarry occasionally and she loves it. I think she’s also raced there once or twice.

    Bit too far for me to get to, plus my knee would never cope, but it sure looks like fun 🙂

  3. Phill

    Joby, I hope so! Tomorrow we’re off to Gisburn. Four of us bouncing around north of Clitheroe. Can’t wait… hopefully Rivington and maybe a couple of North Wales trails over the summer too. w00t. So glad we got a couple of the lads from work interested.
    Lost, I’ve read Trio’s blog and to be honest, it inspired me to keep on at the lads and make damn sure that I went along. It’s only 25 mins from the Rochdale M60 exit but I have to concede that it’s not really gammy-knee-friendly. My muscles ached so much for a couple of days afterwards. Backside especially from pulling up the short, steep scree hills.
    Brilliant fun though – roll on tomorrow!

  4. lost

    I know roughly where it is, but for a non-driver it’d be quite a hike on a bike to get over there in the first place.

    That and I don’t own an mtb anymore since the smashing of the knee 😉

  5. Phill

    Les, It felt better than it looks, but the phonecam was mounted on the handlebars so it takes every rattle straight into the shot. I’d get a headcam if I was going to do this a lot, but at the moment it’s unlikely.
    Lost, you’re right, it’s a trek from your end and then a push up to the quarry. Great fun though.

    Gisburn was awesome yesterday too, but a lot harder than I epxected after the short ups & down of Lee Quarry. Hopefully get it on the blog before too long.

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