HTC HD2 Settling In Tests

Still Loving It

It’s been a couple of months since I got the new HTC HD2 phone, so I thought I should let you all know how it’s going. I’ve spent about £40 on gubbins for it so far and I think I’m about done, so an objecive view of the Cost Of Ownership is probably due, too.

Not my actual HTC HD2. I bought this one off eBay. Not really.

HTC HD2 Long (ish) Term Test


To make the phone fit my lifestyle, I’ve spent some of my hard-earned cash on the following:

  • Bike handlebar mount (see this post about that little thing)
  • Screen protector sheet, to stop my keys jagging it
  • Crystal case to protect it from my clumsiness
  • Car charger, to stop it dying whilst I drive
  • Windscreen mount, so I can video idiots blocking roads and see the Sat Nav.
  • 3 micro-USB cables to allow me to synch at work, at home and charge in the car

I also put the following software onto the device:

  • Cycle Computer, GPS tracking software
  • Interval trainer, for jogging expeditions
  • TomTom 7 for Windows Mobile

With all the above, I have only 3 complaints:

Battery Life

Most of the time, my phone’s on charge either at home or at work.  But in the car, even with a cheap no-mark charger on, the battery dies faster than it charges if I’m using the TomTom.  This is simply unacceptable.  I’ve had a new “official” HTC car charger delivered from MobileFun today, so it had better work or I’ll be mightily irked.

Screen Protector

In my experience, all screen protectors are rubbish.  I think I need one for those moments when I accidentally put my phone into the same pocket as my car keys, but they always make your screen look crap don’t they?  Gah.  I have no better ideas, so I put one on.

Windows Mobile

I love Windows Mobile.   I love the way it works, and the way it looks.  I love being in a familiar Windows environment on my phone.

On the other hand I ruddy hate it when it hangs.  When it hangs, boy does it hang.  Forget that urgent call you wanted to make, just forget it.  And the fact is, it hangs most when you try ot take the phone out of standby quickly, which is when? It’s when you want to use it urgently! Sort it our Microsoft.  Find a way of letting me get to the basic functionality while all the flashy, pretty, normally lovely stuff awakes gently from its slumber.  Then I will be a truly satisfied user.

To Wrap Up…

I still love my phone.  It’s the best phone I’ve ever had.  The GPS tracking and SatNav functions are particularly excellent, with the phone knowing exactly where I am al the time, even I haven’t got a bloody clue.  Thi is an absolute bonus when I’m tracking a bike ride or a jog, as it knows where I’ve been, how quickly and for how long.  To be honest, it’s a stalker’s dream if you can sneak it in your partner’s handbag…. 😉

I would recommend it to anyone, even you.  Even though you might shout at me whe you can’t make that urgent, quick call.  But you wouldn’t, because while you were shouting the phone would be slowly rubbing its eyes, scratching its gonads and thinking about waking up.  By the time it was ready to connect you to me, you’d have calmed down.

So that’s ok.

Tell ’em Phill sent you.

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12 comments on “HTC HD2 Settling In Tests

  1. rooleymoor

    I have similar issues with my TyTn II. It hangs when you want to receive a call. It sometimes fails to notify that someone has called and you eventually end up with a text message to say that there are 9 voicemail messages waiting..


  2. Phill

    My TyTNii never did that, but it did go for a kip now and again, especially when multiple apps were running. I find “task mnager” is my best friend. Just shut everything down fairly often to free up resources.
    So my obvious suggestion to the developers is: just put a proper flippin’ “Close Application” button everything instead minimising it whe I hit “X”.

  3. rooleymoor

    Or add sufficient memory / Cpu power to cope with multiple applications.

    Windows Phone 7 is supposed to be a big improvement. You’re on 6.5? Mines on 6.

    Glad my personal Nokia is running Symbian otherwise i’d go mad!

  4. Phill

    Yeah, 6.5. I do have to say I still love it, but the hanging issue is a pest from time to time. Should get better as devices get more powerful but I have this one for 2 years now.

  5. Phill

    Ha ha 🙂 I’m being picky and playing devil’s advocate, the HTC is a great phone.

    Having said that, I got OH an iPod and there’s no denying the elegance of it. There’e a place for both, and I’m still a bit wary of the C Of A.

  6. Joby

    LOL. F**k the C of A 🙂

    I was tempted with the phone above, as well as the Palm Pre – but iPhone is just so much easier – am used to it – plus I can still get top dorra for my old 3G iphone when I sell it on Monday.

  7. Joby

    Also, you know that your google adsense thing is chucking rival blind companies adverts onto your website?

  8. Phill

    Yeah I noticed that. Will have to fix that, given that we do better with the business than I ever will with AdNoSense. Some tinkering required.

    No doubt the Phone of i is great. So’s mine. And the C Of A is just something to write about, not really a thing. 🙂 Probably.

  9. Joby

    Perfect – although it seems to be coming up with cycling stuff – which isn’t related to your site in any way shape or form!

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