Goodbye Old Friend

A New Life For My Old Haro

My beloved Haro Escape 7.0 2000 - off to pastures new

Goodbye Old Friend – You’ll be Sorely Missed

It is with some regret that I’ll be rehoming my Haro tonight.  After almost 10 years of loyal service including two Manchester to Blackpools and two Over the Edges, my trusty chrome and blue steed is being collected later to be given a new life in the moors just outside Rochdale.

With forks showing their age; a front mech devoid of fine adjustment capbility due to too many times crammed into sheds and squeezed onto bike racks; untrue-able wheels and an ageing bottom bracket, it’s definitely time that she was put out to grass.

Her new owner has promised her lots of fresh air, good clean mud and a new life as a single speed fixed fork hack.  I think she’s going to love it.  I just hope Jon doesn’t break her as often as he seems to break his main ride!  Oh and Jon, don’t forget to fit a saddle or you’ll be redefining the term “fun bike” 😉

Goodbye Old Friend.  Enjoy your new life in the hills.

*sob, sob, sniff*

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6 comments on “Goodbye Old Friend

  1. ridingthemoor

    That’s great.I’ll soon get it into shape!!

    I’ll be putting the saddle of my current bike as I need to get one that offers more ‘anatomic’ support if you know what I mean..

    As long as I can get the middle ring working it’ll do to start off.

    Look forward to adding it to my stable!



  2. Phill

    Yeah the front mech’s working in fact, you can use all 3 rings, just not get it totally rub-free due to slightly squashed mech bits.
    You’ve got a stable too?!
    Yes, I took the saddle off as it has the correct anatomical bits for gentlemen. So far I’m liking the new one on the Focus, but if we have a couple of long rides I might substitute my bought one…!

  3. Les

    Phill don’t forget to remove the stand otherwise the lack of a saddle will be the least of his probs mate lol

  4. Phill

    Ha ha, good point Les. He can borrow my stepladders if he wants! Let me tell you though, my ageing back thinks that tripod is the best £30 I ever spent at Decathlon! With 5 bikes to fettle, it’s a bloody lifesaver.

  5. Carrie

    hmmm, tripod… Just goes to show though, I threw my hybrid at anyone who would take it. It was a cheap bike that I didnt love. In return it didnt love me either 🙁

  6. Phill

    Au contraire Carrie, I loved my Haro and she loved me back. But I’m sure Jon will give her the respect she deserves. And maybe a wash.

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