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Have you heard about Bucket Lists?  They’re a list of the things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  See?  Going to see 127 Hours at the pictures last week sparked this off, partly because of the stunning scenery and partly because the movie rather starkly reminds you of your own fragile mortality.

Well, I’m a big fan of goal-setting for fun purposes, so I’ve been putting a bit of thought into my own Bucket List and I’d appreciate your input too.

My Bucket List

Keeping it simple, here’s my first stab at a list of things I want to do before I die.

Buy a Camper Van. Probably a VW T5 and get a spanking conversion. Kayaks on top, bikes on back.

White Water Rafting. Again. Actually, I’ve already booked this!

Pyrenees. The Tour De France coverage made me add this one. I’m sure I can’t ride the Cols, but I can take the Camper up them and coast down while my beloved drives to the bottom!

Riding in Utah. Just look at the MTB magazines. The place is gorgeous. I want to be seen rolling down those massive red rocks, I want to feel them and to see the orange sand on my tyres.  I don’t want to get trapped in a ravine though.

Another One. But I’m not telling you what this one is.  It’s kind of important and not for sharing.

What’s on your list?  If you’ve got any blogged Bucket Lists send me a link, let’s share them.

So, what should I add?

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13 comments on “Bucket List

  1. Lisa

    MAGIC! Good luck with it. I have a bucket list in my head. Might do what you did and write it down.
    I’ve actually just been researching (while I should be working) one – The Race Around Ireland: http://www.racearoundireland.com/
    Will do this one day!

  2. Phill

    Brilliant. I saw the words “Europe’s Toughest Cycling Challenge” and clicked off! 🙂 I like the rides where I can push myself, but take my time and enjoy the views. Hence the 2 pics above…
    You go, girl.

  3. Dave Telling

    I’m with Clive on the ‘heights’. Definitely like the idea, especially the camper van, although I think something bigger 😀

  4. @phillconnell

    Clive, I wouldn’t be going to the edge. Lee Quarry’s precipices made me wobble!
    Dave, the plan with the Camper is for it to be small enough for car parks, big enough for sleeping & cooking for 2 of us. Keeping it simple! I love the massive ones but I cant imagine trying to drive one through mountain passes.

  5. Dad Who Writes

    I have a similar one I use to motivate my writing. I forget who I lifted it off but it runs “I don’t want to die with that novel half finished and gathering dust in a drawer everyone has forgotten.”

  6. @phillconnell

    I like that. I’d love to write a novel but, so far, I’ve not had the killer idea.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I blog: a desire to write coupled with the attention span of a fish. 🙂

  7. PhilR

    I’d love a T2 Camper, that’s on my list, a Beetle is also on that list but that should be coming in the next few months if all goes to plan 😀

    I’d love to cycle round the UK, just be able to cycle where I wanted and not have to worry about a time limit, so I guess that means winning the lottery and not having to work then 😉

    As for anything else well I’ve not really sat down and thought about it a lot, maybe I will.

  8. Phill

    Well Phil, if you’ve got the winning numbers, buy a line for me! Since I went Direct Debit on the lottery I’ve won 2/10ths of bugger all. 😉

    I do hanker after long days exploring too. I’ll keep that DD going just in case…

  9. PhilR

    OK, part one done, we collect the Beetle on Sunday 😀 330 mile trip to Cardiff and 330 mile trip back.

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