A Head Full Of Mucus

It’s Day Two of This Cold.

The snot monsters are winning the fight at the moment. This is, officially, Not Good News. Tomorrow is my fortnightly Day To Myself (Capital D, capital T, capital M) and that means playing out on my Focus Fat Boy. However, with the snot monsters in the ascendancy I need to make sure I’m kitted out properly.

Snot-Busting Cycling Gear.

The plan is to try out a new 10 mile loop, mostly easy off-road stuff, but in this bobbins North-Western weather we’re enjoying there are a few recent purchases I’ll be testing.

  • Sealskinz Waterproof Cycling Gloves, bought for £20 from Winfields
  • Ron Hill Running Tights, £15 , also from Winfields
  • Karrimor Long Sleeved Cycling Top, £11 from Sports Direct (or whatever Mike Ashley’s shops are called this week) – the picture shows my Decathlon short sleeved top but it’s too cold for that one
  • DHB Base Layer, £20 from Wiggle

I suspect the biggest test will be the snot-catcher strips on the thumbs of the gloves.

Winter Cycling Gear

Some of the winter gear I’ll be wearing tomorrow.

This lot should keep me warm for an hour, don’t you think?  I’ll let you know how they do.

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9 comments on “A Head Full Of Mucus

  1. Phill

    Ooooh, nasty. No thanks. So far just lemsip, tissues, apologising to colleagues about the unpleasant noises and a little self-pity has been getting me through the day.

  2. Joby

    Richard – I’d be careful with that – I went through a series of chest infections, one after the other, and its fucked me over completely and now have a “syndrome”

    Phill – are you wearing the mask out too?

  3. Phill

    Richard – good advice there. Get it looked at , 3 weeks is too long for cough medicine alone.

    Joby – That’s Algernon, our Phrenology head. We also have Fred The Head, a polystyrene wig head. They’re fantastic for Hallowe’en. And modelling bike gear. 😉

    … and no, I won’t be taking Algy out with me but I will be wearing my ninja Buff.

  4. Richard Arblaster

    I should do however, I’m waiting to hear back about a temp job and all I need is the doctor to say you can’t work for a week. If I don’t get the job, then I’ll definitely be booking an appointment on Monday.

  5. Joby

    BUT you could end up with a bad sick record in the future.

    Check up Tietze Syndrome – it feels like your having a heart attack – it hurts and its been with me for a year now all because of the above attitude too many times 😉

    I’m coming up to the cortizone stage its been with me that long.

  6. Phill

    Listen to uncle Joby. I’m all for self-healing and I avoid drugs whenever I can, but 3 weeks is Doctor time. Chances are you’ll get prescribed antibiotics, just tell them you don’t want signing off, I always do. Got to earn a crust… but not at the expense of ruining yourself. If it’s an infection, it’ll be getting better within a few days.

  7. Clive Chapman

    Ahh, Ron Hill Tracksters, the dark blue ones with the red stripe down the seam were a guaranteed “Squaddie spotter” back in the day.

    Fantastic bit of kit!

  8. Phill

    My mate has some of the blue ones that have lasted him for years! Can’t complain about my black ones, comfortable and warm in conditions like we’re having now.

    Going to get ready and get out there today, at last!

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