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Cleaning Your Lay-Z-Spa Filter Whilst Saving £95

So You’ve Got A Hot Tub…

Well done! Aren’t they great? We love ours, it’s a Lay Z Spa Monaco. I’m told that all the filers look the same, whichever model you have.

Like most people, we did a lot of reading about how to maintain the water quality to keep our family and friends safe and clean while they’re using the hot tub. We found a few alternative ways to make sure you’re always using clean filters:

  • Buy lots of replacement filters – they’re around £25 for 6 and you need to change them AT LEAST once a week. Believe me, they do get very manky even if you’re a very clean person!
  • Buy a cleaning machine – we found a good looking plastic water jet cleaner online for around £100
  • Make your own cleaning machine in around 2 minutes for less than £5 (or $5 for you guys in the U of SA)

I would recommend the latter option, because it’s inexpensive and it works! Just take a look at my two videos below and get to it. You won’t regret it.


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