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Diabetes – Living with Type 1 Diabetes as a young person

Coping With Diabetes As A Teenager

In my weekly Youtube update, there was an video of a speech made by Hannah, a young Type 1 diabetic, about living as a teenager with diabetes.

Personally, I was lucky. I was diagnosed with diabetes at 20 years old. I was an independent student, living alone away from home but spending enough time at the family home for my Mum to spot something was amiss and have me diagnosed. My age played a huge part in me being comfortably able to change my lifestyle and manage my condition. Also, importantly, I didn’t have to grow up whilst managing my diabetes. I feel privileged to have avoided that.

Hannah was diagnosed at 2 years old so she’s dealt with Type 1 diabetes throughout her living memory. This audio clip is well worth a listen if you, or anyone you know, is growing up with diabetes or any condition which needs daily management. Her experiences probably aren’t unusual, and should help other people to learn about dealing with a medical condition – and with the people around you!

If you’d like to know about more about living as a teenager with diabetes, then have a look at Hannah’s blog: The Bad Diabetic.

Tell her Phill sent you 🙂

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