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Personal Best – Now That’s A First

PBs – What’s All That About?

I’ve never really measured myself until this June100 lark kicked off.  Suddenly I’m doing enough rides to consider bettering myself and improving my riding, as well as just enjoying it.

So, last night I followed exactly the same route I took a week or so ago, with the intention of beating myself.  I was happy with the result.

Miles                    11.43
Average Speed 12.1 mph
Max Speed         28.3 mph
Ascent                334 m

This was a lot better than the last time I took the route, so I can look forward to torturing myself in future as I try to better myself again.  When I’ve got 10 minutes to spare, I’ll throw another lap of t’Lake in too, to squeeze an extra 2 miles or so into the evening rides.

Or maybe I’ll get myself an imagination and work out a new loop!

Last night's very pleasant Hollingworth Lake trip

Last night’s very pleasant Hollingworth Lake trip

I’d like to get myself over 30 mph, but for now 28.3 is my official fastest ever on the Focus Fat Boy.  Maybe I need a slightly steeper hill to throw myself down…  the trouble there is that I’d need to get myself up some hills first, but: I Fear Climbs.

Everything’s Changing And I Don’t Feel The Same…

… to quote the most popular band who couldn’t find a guitarist.

Since the #June100 kicked off, I’ve noticed a few differences in me:

  • I am definitely fitter
  • I change gears less often
  • I stop less often
  • The danish pastry is now less of a destination, more of a refreshment (when I do stop)

72 miles is the most I’ve ridden in a month, except maybe the 2 times I’ve done Manchester to Blackpool before.  But I’m not knackered, I’m just loving the cycling.  This blog and the cycling community on the web have put a fire to the spark that must have already been there, and for that I’m very grateful.

Thanks, you lot! 🙂

#June100 Update and a Decent Ride

First, The #June100 Update

Two weeks in, and I’m amazed.  Today is the 14th of June, so with 46.666% (recurring) of the month gone, the 30 members of the June100 have completed 94.7333% (recurring) of the mileage required.  Of course it’s an individual challenge, but those figures show how awesome some of you guys are.

12 people have already completed the 100 leisure miles.  Another 7 (making 19 out of 30 overall) are ahead of their pro-rata target and look like hitting the 100 miles by month end.  I’m sure a bunch of others will increase the mileage (including Rafe, who doesn’t even start until the 20th) and hit the target.

I take my hat off to you all.  You’re special.  And I don’t mean in a sunshine bus kind of way. 🙂

Saturday’s Ride

So far, all my rides for the #June100 have increased in length.  I suspect this won’t continue because I messed up that continuum on Saturday by doing a 2 hour ride.  It was great fun though.  I found myself with the afternoon free so I got changed, got the Fat Boy out of the shed and headed first to Castleton via Thornham Lane (or Thornham Old Road as it’s called now), before going to my favourite place in the world, Hollingworth Lake, along the canalside.  One quick lap o’t’Lake and then back home in time to pick up the kids.

It was a gorgeous day, so it was a gorgeous rise and with just over 20 miles under my belt I was well chuffed with myself.  I took just one rest stop to take a photo too, so I was very happy with my legs.

The other good news on Saturday was the arrival of my MTB slicks, which I’ll put on the week before Manchester to Blackpool, which is in 3 weeks.

You can check out the ride here:

Variation On A Theme

Last Night’s Bike Ride

In another motivational aberration brought on by the #June100 Challenge, I had pasta alfredo early last night, got changed and snuck (is that the past tense of sneak?) a quick hour on the Focus Fat Boy before the 9pm watershed.

My favourite loop is about 7.5 miles, to Hollingworth Lake and back along the Rochdale Canal.  That’s not far enough, except as an excuse for tea and cake up at t’Lake.

If I go via Milnrow, it raises to 9.3 miles or so.  Tantalisingly close to double figures.  So my last couple of rides have included an extra lap round the Lake to get me over 10 miles.

Last night, I took a detour at the beginning of my ride, along a tarmac farm road between Firgrove Playing Fields and then alongside a brook that runs towards Milnrow.  Anything to avoid the main road, which is as dull as The Daily Politics on BBC1.  Combined with 2 laps of Hollingworth Lake, this added up to a slightly more useful 11.41 miles, which brought me in at 57 minutes with tired legs.  Ideal!

The only downside was that it was quite gusty, so my maximum speed pedalling on the big ring down the hill, away from the Lake was a bit pants.

Average Speed    11.9 mph
Maximum Speed 24.9 mph
Ascent/Descent  370 m
Calories Burned  753

Have a look at the route here if you fancy:

Hello? #June100 Helpdesk?

It’s FAQ Time

Following a number of issues of user error… erm, I mean .. technical difficulties with the June100 spreadsheet, I thought I should stick a little tech post here.

Basically, if you have an issue with the spreadsheet or the rules, post it here and the wonderfully supportive community will answer it for you.  Failing that, the ridiculously sarcastic community will pillory you for your ineptitude.

To Get The Ball Rolling:

The most common issue has been not being able to update the spreadsheet.  To avoid this, do this:

  1. Log into your Google Account with the email address you sent in the June100 Registration Form;
  2. Select “Account Settings” then “Docs” on your Google page
  3. You should see a link to the June100 spreadsheet.  Click it.
  4. A new window will open.  If you can’t edit it, your login hasn’t been saved, so you will have to click the “Sign In” link at the top right hand side.
  5. Next time you log in to Google, click the “Stay Signed In” tickbox just below your password.  Your paranoia about saving passwords might be what’s causing you to be unable to punch you mileage in.

Anything Else?

Stick your questions / issues below and let’s see how we can sort it out for you, eh?  Thanks! 🙂

The #June100 Update – Week 1

One Week Down, How’s It Going?

The June100 Cycling Challenge is one week old today.  I’m going to highlight some initial stats, some standout performances and (hopefully) some motivational points for those of us that haven’t put massive miles in yet.

You can check out everyone’s performance at any time by visiting the Official June100 Spreadsheet.  If you’ve got a login, remember to sign in with you google email address, or just get a new sign-in by using the form here.

Headline Stats

I’ll devise some jerseys soon, I promise.  But for now, here’s the headline table of June100 performance.  If any of this is wrong, let me know and I’ll edit accordingly…

Week 1 of the #June100 Cycling Challenge

Week 1 of the #June100 Cycling Challenge

Next time I post an update, I promise it will look better than the one above!  But I need to map my own 10.5 mile loop from yesterday.

What’s It All About?

The value of the #June100 was proved to me yesterday, when I got home from an over-eating session with my friend Lee from Presenting Class.  The challenge motivated me to get out along the canal and do 2 laps of Hollingworth Lake before coming back home via Milnrow.  The weather wasn’t great, it was muddy under my tyres and I was a bit knackered.  Normally I’d have settled in front of a recording of Britain’s Got Tosspots and called it a day, but I got myself a bit fitter and I’ll live a bit longer, thanks to the June100.

I’ve noticed my stamina’s improving thanks to the recent rides.  I used my gears a lot less last night, staying happily in the top gear on the middle ring most of the way around my loop.  So thanks, everyone!  You have no idea how much you’re helping me, by joining in my daft challenge! 🙂

Is it helping you at all?  How’s about some positive stories from you lot….

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