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100 Mile Challenges in 2011. A Review and #May100

Keep On Cycling

As the #Apr100 drew to a close, I had a quick look at the monthly challenges spreadsheet.  It makes encouraging viewing! 🙂

Your Miles In The Monthly Challenges

This Is What You’ve Done!

Since January, participating riders have varied from 30, down to 27 and back to 36 in April – thanks I’m sure to #30daysofbiking .  As you can see, leisure miles have climbed throughout the year.  Amazingly, over 9,000 total miles were clocked in April, with over 7,300 non-commuting miles on the sheet.

I’m in awe of you lot.  Nutters like Mental John (May100 completed already), in particular, but all of you are fantastic.  You’re keeping me pedalling.

A Personal Note

So far this year I haven’t done 100 miles in a single month, but I know that’s got to change!  I had big plans for a 35-miler last Saturday to hit the #Apr100 but some weirdly named virus (Parvo B19 I believe) resulted in my left hip shouting a loud “No Way” and me sitting painfully at home for the day.  As suddenly as it had arrived, the virus checked out overnight, allowing my OH and me to enjoy a brilliant, leisurely ride to Todmorden along the Rochdale Canal towpath on Sunday.

Half A Tim Taylor's? Don't Mind If I Do!

Half A Tim Taylor’s? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Cappuccino, flapjack, ice cream, half a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord and just short of 20 miles later, we’d had a lovely afternoon despite the strong easterly.  In fact, the wind pushed us home which was an unexpected bonus 🙂  This is what got me into cycling in the first place.

Added to my Tuesday night Hollingworth Lake loop, I’ve had a good start with just over 30 miles clocked for the #May100 so far.

If you want to check on progress so far, the #May100 #20111k spreadsheet is here for your delight.  If you’d like to join in, then let me know – this old sign-up form will still work.  I’d be delighted to add you on.

Tell me Phill sent you! 🙂

Cycling Safety And The b=n+1 Rule

Cycling Safety IDs

Clive’s blog today really struck a chord.  I have diabetes.  I ride alone at least once a week, after dark.  I have diabetes so if I was to take a tumble or get clipped by a motorist, I could potentially be having a post-exercise hypo whilst insensible with an injury.

I’ve looked at RoadID before and always thought they looked cool, but expensive and that I was unlikely to wear them each time I ventured out.  I’m not inclined to keep a wrist band on permanently, as I do a corporate job and a watch is enough adornment.  I remove the watch and my two rings when I ride as I don’t like things jangling about on me.

So, Clive’s blog was a Godsend.  These little stickers stick onto your lid, so if you’re a cyclist you’ll never leave home without them accidentally.  Now that’s perfect for me, as I don’t run. At all.

Ask yourself: if you were to come a cropper on a ride, what would happen next?  Then, think about buying the stickers, eh?

The b=n+1 Rule

Chris reminded me of something I’d forgotten this morning.  The equation b=n+1 applies to all cyclists, where:

  • b = Number of bikes required
  • n = Number of bikes owned

This equation defines us all as cyclists.  Once it takes effect, there’s no going back.

This equation is the reason that I downloaded the eBay app to my iPhone.  This equation is the reason that I saved the searches “Rz120” and “Whyte t120s” into the eBay app.  Now whenever anyone puts either of those two bikes for sale on eBay, I will hear a cheerful “BING!“, see a notification on my phone and instantly become stressed about whether or not to get involved in watching, or worse still participating, in the sale.

Oh yes, of course I rationalise: I’ve told myself that I’m just seeing how cheaply you can pick up a nice 120mm trail bike.  I’ve told myself that I’ll save up diligently and not spend impulsively.  I’ve told myself that I’m looking at shiny new trail bikes because my son is outgrowing his 24” bike and I can pass on my Fat Boy to him, so I actually really neeeeed a shiny new trail bike…

But we all know, it’s just the maths working their magic.  The equation’s got me.  I’m doomed.  I’m a cyclist.

Are you? 😉

First #Apr100 Ride – And Gadget Update

Wasn’t Saturday Lovely?

After a brief downpour caused by Jon Moore buying some masonry paint, I ventured out for some proper off-road MTB action.  The route was mapped from the latter pages of Singletrack Magazine, and my plan was to join it at Ogden (near Newhey) and enjoy the moorland and bridleways of my local environment.

The trail didn’t work out as planned thanks to some technical issues (see below), but it was still a cracking ride.

You can view the Google Map/Earth view here, or the Daily Mile record here.  All in, I did a very enjoyable 12.77 miles, only 2 or so of them on the roads.

Tech Talk – Cyclemeter on iPhone4

Last week a new iPhone4 arrived, so I took a little advice from the land of the internets and plumped for Cyclemeter as my training GPS tracker of choice.  I must confess, it’s been a good start.  I stuck the phone into one of the kids’ mp3 armbandy thingies and off I went.

I imported my route via an email I sent myself, with the gpx file attached.  Admittedly, I rode the first 3 miles without my route imported properly, so when I stopped at the top of a killer hill, I imported it again and tracked properly for the rest of the afternoon.  User error aside, I’m very impressed so far, and the app links automatically to Facebook, Twitter and DailyMile to record the tracks like the one linked just under the pictures above.


… to the bloke who went past me on his orange Turner (5 Spot?) as I sat messing with my phone and trying not to pass out at the top of a bridleway hill that pulls steeply out of Ogden.  “That was a proper grueller” he explained as he pedalled past me, then continued without a breath up and over the brow of the hill.  I followed his tracks until I took a wrong turn on a dry bit.  You’re fit, man.

Anyway… enjoy your riding everyone.  Don’t forget to follow the #Apr100 hashtag if you’re on twitter, and join the challenge if you haven’t done already.

March Review. #Mar100 Superstars.

That Was The Month That Was

I hope you enjoyed some riding in March.  I did.  Once again, I didn’t hit the 100 miles but I clocked just over 70 and I’m chuffed to have done so.  The best ride was over to Bury from our Rochdale home to buy my spanking new camera, then back past home and up to Hollingworth Lake before a little climb up to the Moorcock pub in Littleborough.  I didn’t have the time to attempt Blackstone Edge that day, but the 26 miles were a total pleasure.

Performances and Props

26 different riders logged miles in the #Mar100 spreadsheet, which is amazing, considering the dark nights, cold days and general  everyday life. I’m cuffed to be associated with such motivated people, and that motivation gets me off my bum and into the saddle more often than you know.

Mental John Berry once again took the crown with a staggering 908.55 total miles, 896.99 of which were non-commutes.  I’m still allowing turbo miles, by the way, although I’m not sure how much longer I can let you lot get away with pretending to ride! 😉

Martin wasn’t far behind with 606.69 qualifying miles and our Canadian recent recruit Jane Victoria King put over 350 miles into the British Columbian early spring.  Nice!

Too many other riders stand out, but special props to Jo Simcock who’s ridden over 360 miles on a basic MTB with little more than coffee and determination powering her through ride after ride, after ride. Fantastic stuff, Jo!

The #Apr100 is already underway, and the sheet can be found at the end of this linky.  Get riding and get logging, people!

Summary. It Wasn’t Summery

Despite the weather, the #Mar100 riders amassed a total of 6,374 miles in March.  More than 4,800 miles were not commuting.  I am humbled by your efforts and I am inspired to get on my bike today.

My plan is that I’m going to try uploading a gpx file to my new phone and follow a track I copied from Singletrack Magazine up over the moors from Newhey towards Oldham and back via the good old Lake.  Wish me luck!

30 Days Of Biking

A few weeks ago, Phil at TheTribe mentioned a website to me that I think you should all register on.

30 Days Of Biking

30 Days Of Biking

You’ve go to love the strapline these guys use: “We Ride Our Bikes, Every. Friggin’, Day“.

The idea is that you ride your bike every day in April.  Then you tell the guys about it.  Register here.  I’m not going to be riding every day, but I’m certainly going to keep looking at the website and I’m going to be inspired by other people’s stories.  It seems to sit ideally alongside our 100 mile month challenges and I’ll be emailing everyone on the Mar100 sheet about it.

What do you think? Are you joining in?

Tell ’em Phill sent you 🙂

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