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The #June100 Update – Week 1

One Week Down, How’s It Going?

The June100 Cycling Challenge is one week old today.  I’m going to highlight some initial stats, some standout performances and (hopefully) some motivational points for those of us that haven’t put massive miles in yet.

You can check out everyone’s performance at any time by visiting the Official June100 Spreadsheet.  If you’ve got a login, remember to sign in with you google email address, or just get a new sign-in by using the form here.

Headline Stats

I’ll devise some jerseys soon, I promise.  But for now, here’s the headline table of June100 performance.  If any of this is wrong, let me know and I’ll edit accordingly…

Week 1 of the #June100 Cycling Challenge

Week 1 of the #June100 Cycling Challenge

Next time I post an update, I promise it will look better than the one above!  But I need to map my own 10.5 mile loop from yesterday.

What’s It All About?

The value of the #June100 was proved to me yesterday, when I got home from an over-eating session with my friend Lee from Presenting Class.  The challenge motivated me to get out along the canal and do 2 laps of Hollingworth Lake before coming back home via Milnrow.  The weather wasn’t great, it was muddy under my tyres and I was a bit knackered.  Normally I’d have settled in front of a recording of Britain’s Got Tosspots and called it a day, but I got myself a bit fitter and I’ll live a bit longer, thanks to the June100.

I’ve noticed my stamina’s improving thanks to the recent rides.  I used my gears a lot less last night, staying happily in the top gear on the middle ring most of the way around my loop.  So thanks, everyone!  You have no idea how much you’re helping me, by joining in my daft challenge! 🙂

Is it helping you at all?  How’s about some positive stories from you lot….

Second #June100 Ride

3 B’s – Bike Ride, Britain’s Got Talent and Bed

I’m happy to say I got the bike out again last night.  This blog post is simply a quick proof.  The blog comments and members of #June100 challenge have really taken off which I’m really chuffed about, so this a very breif post, but if you want to check out last night’s loop, here it is!

View Interactive Map on

9.26 miles
11.2 mph avg speed
27.2 mph max spd
667 Calories

Not a bad start.

First of all – Thanks.

The #June100 challenge seems to have got off to good start.  Thanks to everyone who’s joined, plus those good good people who promoted the idea around their friends and across the information superhighway.  John Girvin, for example, and Carrie.  If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry, and thank you too.

One day in, we’ve got 3 leisure rides logged and over 39 leisure miles amassed.  There are also over 80 miles of commuting on the spreadsheet already.  I’ll blog proper weekly updates here, but if you’d like to join, see yesterday’s blog post and join today. 🙂

Last Night’s Ride

I pedalled out last night for a quick 45 minute 9 miler, interrupted by a 25 minute tea break.  I really need to put more milk in next time…

Conditions were a bit murky, but warm and I managed to average just over 12mph.  The route took me on offroad paths to Milnrow central, then along Wildhouse Lane to Hollingworth Lake before a lake circuit, cuppa break then down to the canal for the rest of the ride home along the towpath.

The ride was lovely, but I couldn’t fail to notice the smile-per-pedestrian ratio was very low last night.  I wonder if it was because I was travelling a bit faster than usual, or because I didn’t have N1S with me?  Either way, cheer up, trail walkers of Rochdale!  Needless to say, all the cyclists I passed were courteous as always – to me, anyway.

Here’s the route and mileage:

The #June100 Cycling Challenge — Is Go !

What Is The June100 Cycling Challenge?

The #June100 is a fun cycling challenge.  It was conceived to motivate me to get on my bike more, since my furthest month so far this year is 53.3 miles over 6 rides in May.  It’s a shared challenge with aim of helping us all get fitter, faster, not fatter and on the bike when we don’t have to, more than we normally would.  It’s a simple way to record the leisure miles in the month of June 2010, with an initial target of 100 miles – that’s only 3.33 recurring miles per day!

Why Only Leisure Miles?

I know some of you cycle to work.  I doff my cap to you, I really do.  You’re heroes.  There … feel better now?  Goood.  But commuting doesn’t count here.

The #June100 Challenge is designed to get us all on our bikes for leisure more often.  Commuting is a fantastic benefit to the world, but get out and enjoy your leisure time a bit more on the bike – rides when the kids are in bed; rides with the kids; finding the long way home (yes you can claim non-commuting detours); crawling out of bed early on the days off… that’s what this is about.

And besides:   My Game – My Rules 😉

How Does It Work?  How Do I Join?

  1. Fill in the form on my last blog entry.
  2. I’ll send you an invitation to the Official June100 Spreadsheet on Google docs.
  3. Complete your mileage and let us know where we can check your rides to date – this might be your GPS tracking site, your own blog or something similar
  4. Don’t forget to save your changes – and don’t kill the spreadsheet!

So far, we’ve got 16 fools  (ahemsuperstars who’ve pledged to join in the challenge.  It’s not too late though, retweet this blog article, tell your friends, get some more gullible idiots (ahemheroes to join us!

How Will We Keep Each Other Going?

Of course I’ll post progress on this blog.  More regularly and haphazardly, though, there’s the #June100 hashtag on Twitter if you use it.

I’ve started a Twitter Group too, so put your twitter address in the comments below to join it, or send me a tweet with “#June100” in it to @phillconnell (you might have to request my friendship first, I’m quite picky about who I tweet with!).

What Now?

Just join up, get your kit on, get your bike out and ride!  Have fun everyone. 🙂

#June100 Cycling Challenge – Sign Up Here!

Sign Up Now!

Thanks to a good idea by Jon, and a few great suggestions by others, I’ve officially launched the June100 challenge.

As I write this, ten intrepid riders have said they want to join in.  Thank you to those people for piling the pressure on, it’s exactly what I need.

June100 Spreadsheet on Google Docs - Join us by filling the form in.

Join Us On The June100 – Just fill in the form!

If you’ve not got the spreadsheet yet, fill in this little form and I’ll invite you to join it, so you’ll be able to punch your mileage in throughout June.  Your email address will only come to me so if you start to receive spam, it’s not mine.

I’m keeping this post simple, so please sign up, join in the fun and let’s all get a little bit fitter and a little bit further!

Thanks! 🙂

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