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Not a bad start.

First of all – Thanks.

The #June100 challenge seems to have got off to good start.  Thanks to everyone who’s joined, plus those good good people who promoted the idea around their friends and across the information superhighway.  John Girvin, for example, and Carrie.  If I’ve missed you, I’m sorry, and thank you too.

One day in, we’ve got 3 leisure rides logged and over 39 leisure miles amassed.  There are also over 80 miles of commuting on the spreadsheet already.  I’ll blog proper weekly updates here, but if you’d like to join, see yesterday’s blog post and join today. 🙂

Last Night’s Ride

I pedalled out last night for a quick 45 minute 9 miler, interrupted by a 25 minute tea break.  I really need to put more milk in next time…

Conditions were a bit murky, but warm and I managed to average just over 12mph.  The route took me on offroad paths to Milnrow central, then along Wildhouse Lane to Hollingworth Lake before a lake circuit, cuppa break then down to the canal for the rest of the ride home along the towpath.

The ride was lovely, but I couldn’t fail to notice the smile-per-pedestrian ratio was very low last night.  I wonder if it was because I was travelling a bit faster than usual, or because I didn’t have N1S with me?  Either way, cheer up, trail walkers of Rochdale!  Needless to say, all the cyclists I passed were courteous as always – to me, anyway.

Here’s the route and mileage:

The #June100 Cycling Challenge — Is Go !

What Is The June100 Cycling Challenge?

The #June100 is a fun cycling challenge.  It was conceived to motivate me to get on my bike more, since my furthest month so far this year is 53.3 miles over 6 rides in May.  It’s a shared challenge with aim of helping us all get fitter, faster, not fatter and on the bike when we don’t have to, more than we normally would.  It’s a simple way to record the leisure miles in the month of June 2010, with an initial target of 100 miles – that’s only 3.33 recurring miles per day!

Why Only Leisure Miles?

I know some of you cycle to work.  I doff my cap to you, I really do.  You’re heroes.  There … feel better now?  Goood.  But commuting doesn’t count here.

The #June100 Challenge is designed to get us all on our bikes for leisure more often.  Commuting is a fantastic benefit to the world, but get out and enjoy your leisure time a bit more on the bike – rides when the kids are in bed; rides with the kids; finding the long way home (yes you can claim non-commuting detours); crawling out of bed early on the days off… that’s what this is about.

And besides:   My Game – My Rules 😉

How Does It Work?  How Do I Join?

  1. Fill in the form on my last blog entry.
  2. I’ll send you an invitation to the Official June100 Spreadsheet on Google docs.
  3. Complete your mileage and let us know where we can check your rides to date – this might be your GPS tracking site, your own blog or something similar
  4. Don’t forget to save your changes – and don’t kill the spreadsheet!

So far, we’ve got 16 fools  (ahemsuperstars who’ve pledged to join in the challenge.  It’s not too late though, retweet this blog article, tell your friends, get some more gullible idiots (ahemheroes to join us!

How Will We Keep Each Other Going?

Of course I’ll post progress on this blog.  More regularly and haphazardly, though, there’s the #June100 hashtag on Twitter if you use it.

I’ve started a Twitter Group too, so put your twitter address in the comments below to join it, or send me a tweet with “#June100” in it to @phillconnell (you might have to request my friendship first, I’m quite picky about who I tweet with!).

What Now?

Just join up, get your kit on, get your bike out and ride!  Have fun everyone. 🙂

#June100 Cycling Challenge – Sign Up Here!

Sign Up Now!

Thanks to a good idea by Jon, and a few great suggestions by others, I’ve officially launched the June100 challenge.

As I write this, ten intrepid riders have said they want to join in.  Thank you to those people for piling the pressure on, it’s exactly what I need.

June100 Spreadsheet on Google Docs - Join us by filling the form in.

Join Us On The June100 – Just fill in the form!

If you’ve not got the spreadsheet yet, fill in this little form and I’ll invite you to join it, so you’ll be able to punch your mileage in throughout June.  Your email address will only come to me so if you start to receive spam, it’s not mine.

I’m keeping this post simple, so please sign up, join in the fun and let’s all get a little bit fitter and a little bit further!

Thanks! 🙂

The #June100 Cycling Challenge – Join Us

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together…

… as Hannibal (not Lecter, the one off’ve The A Team) said.  In my last blog post, I asked for ideas to motivate myself to get more cycling done.  Jon suggested that the two of us commit to riding 100 miles in June, since so far this year I’ve only done 117.

One day later, it’s amassed a bit of interest.  So much so that we’ve spawned a hashtag on Twitter, #June100, because the list of names didn’t leave any room to say anything.  June100 participant so far include:

The concept was to make sure I was ready for the Manchester to Blackpoolride on 4th July this year, but we’re spread acrossthe UK, so we won’t all be doing that ride.  The challenge is just a good way to cajole the lazy ones among us into achieving the mileage, and for those who’ll smash the target, it’ll be a good way to (metaphorically) beat their chests!

So far, the rules are thus:

  • 1st to 30th June 2010
  • Leisure miles only, no commute miles counted
  • All miles must be auditable, so GPS log, Garmin records, date-stamped photos of  bike computers or similar must be kept

A common area to log the miles will be provided. We’re working out the best – or most fun – way to do this at the moment.  Suggestions so far range from a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs to a bespoke website.

Update! – The spreadsheet is now LIVE at  Input into the orange boxes and please don’t kill it.  I’ll try to back it up but just – please – dont kill it.

Are with us?  Let me know if you’re signing up.  Put your twitter address in the comment if you’re happy to share it, or just start to follow the #June100hashtag to keep in touch.  Of course you don’t have to use twitter to join in, we’ll keep it as simple as possible to participate.

p.s. This is why I cycle. Self-indulgent photo post but it’s my blog so I’m the boss.

Hollingworth Lake at Dusk

My Favourite Place As Night Falls

Finally! 100 Miles

… And I Don’t Mean In One Day, Either.

At the beginning of the year, I set myself some targets.  You might know that on Sunday the first major one passed un-achieved.  I sat on my sofa yesterday morning feeling guilty as I ate a sausage butty and watched 36,000 runners completing the Great Manchester 10k Run.

My official time was 49 minutes 44 seconds, thanks to Fall Down Andy, my good friend and football buddy.  His £20 donation is on my JustGiving widget on the right hand of this page, so at least one of my targets has moved in the right direction this week!   Just Give it a click if you can help Springhill Hospice, too.

But back to the point… Back in January I didn’t set myself a “miles cycled” target.  Then (and indeed now), I didn’t know how much chance I’d get to get the bike out of the shed and ride.  Truth is, in the absence of a target I’ve been pretty lax, I think.

To stave off the guilt, I did open the shed yesterday.  My OH and I had a leisurely schlep to Hollingworth Lake before I went to pick up Number One Son who was staying with us in advance of his trip to Stamford Bridge today.  Yes Les, Stamford Bridge.  I advised him to take his camera as it might be the only trip there he ever makes, unless Man U secure the Premiership before the Chelsea away match some season soon! 😉

Our little Lake cycle took me past 100 miles cycled for the year.  This is a good thing 🙂  But in truth I’m still disappointed at my progress so far 🙁   I think I should be getting 500 miles in this year easily, so I need to pick up the pace and open that shed a lot more often.

Interestingly, I gave the Focus Fat Boy a good clean when we got home.  It’s amazing how much crap you can carry along in your chain if you over-lube it.  In most situations it’s impossible to have too much lubrication, but in terms of chains, the grit I was carrying around must have been slowing me down!  So in future, I must remember to give it a wipe after I’ve lubed it.

Anyway, here’s some evidence that I did actually go out, but looking at my famous pot belly I think a bit more time on the bike and a bit less sat outside cafes is in order!

The ride map can also be found in my MapMyRide pages.  Go on, have a shufty!  Tell ’em Phill sent you.

Any ideas how I can motivate myself to get a bit more cycling done?

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