Fruity? Nuts? You can get free ones here…

What a Great Bank Holiday Weekend!

Well, how was your Easter weekend?  The weather wasn’t fantastic but it was good enough to get a couple of leisurely hours playing out on the Fat Boy on Saturday, then another little circuit on Sunday.  The map for the longer jaunt is posted below, but the pick of the phone photos are here.  The hill shot is taken from just the wrong side of the huge motorway bridge that looks over Littleborough as you drive towards Yorkshire on the M62.

My First Graze Box

I got back to work today, to receive my first delivery from Graze.  These brilliant people send a box of healthy snacks, in the post, each week or as regularly as you like.  I’m going to use them as an alternative to the dustbin bags of choc-rice-crispy cakes and flapjacks that a colleague keeps bringing into work!

If you fancy trying them out – and I suggest that you should (fatty, ha ha) – go to and use the Promotion Code 56PVZBJN which will get you a free box, absolutely free, at no cost to you whatsoever.
I’m already tucking into the roasted seeds and they’re really tasty, not to mention packed with Vitamin E to boost my immune system.  Each box comes with 4 different snacks, taken from the feedback you put into the Graze website about what you like and what you’d rather not get.  It’s a brilliant little idea, done brilliantly, in my opinion.  A great big thanks to Toby who first put me onto them in his own blog.

Other Stuff

We got the front room painted over the weekend too, and I’m glad to say that the garden furniture has been taken out of the garage to mark the onset of Spring.  Although it hasn’t been sat at yet!

Here’s the map from Saturday’s ride:

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7 comments on “Fruity? Nuts? You can get free ones here…

  1. Les

    Graze is great got mine the other day just taking the last packet into work tonight, I av already dropped the food I don’t like I luv the packaging as well the fact it will go through 99% of letter boxes.

    Don’t know if u shud being telling everyone that u ad bin playing out wiv a ” Fat Boy ” lol

  2. Toby Field

    Glad you enjoyed the Graze box. It has opened my eyes to healthy foods I would probably have not eaten otherwise.

  3. Phill

    I munched my way through a load of roasted seeds yesterday at my desk, like a big northern hamster. I love the way they let you decide what you like, so I’ve told them never to send me olives: they’re the devil’s testicles in my opinion.
    I reckon the “great fire dragon” chilli maize and roasted beans are going to get it today. Yum.

  4. Phill

    Always busy… you can’t hit a moving target, and a rolling stone gathers no moss, etc. 🙂

  5. Les

    My second box arrived yesterday with the four following items

    Blueberry jam,Mayan Sun,Oven roasted Cashews,Savoury roasted Seeds

    Big shout out to Toby for putting us onto this Graze malarky

  6. Phill

    Yum. Mine will arriv whilst I’m still off but it’ll be waiting for me on my desk when I get back to work. We all need something to look forward to! Yes, big shot to Toby for this one. They’re bloody brilliant.

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