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A to Z Playlist

It’s Not My Fault. They Made Me Do It.

For the following, blame Joby and Anna Banananana.  I didn’t want to do it, but they made me.  I’ve hated every minute of doing this.

I’m a liar.  It’s bloody brilliant and you should try it.

My A to Z Playlist.

I set myself a little rule: all tracks listed have to be in my collection.  I broke it once – the Frank Zappa track isn’t, but I sing it to myself regularly so it’s allowed in.  And now I’ve listed it, I’ll buy the track anyway.

Alkaline Trio – Time to waste
Beastie Boys – Skills to pay the bills (Biffy Clyro & Busted came close)
Cud – I’ve had it with blondes (containing the perfect lyric “I was a teenage stamp collector: I’d lay on my back and youd stamp on my face”)
Deftones – My own summer (Shove it)
Elbow – The bones of you
Foo Fighters – Monkey wrench (the best pop song ever written. Fact)
Gene – Olympian
Hyper – We control
Iron Maiden – Run to the hills
Jesus Jones – Info freako
Kings of Leon – Fans (pipped KLF to the post)
Led Zeppelin – Ramble on (the best Foo Fighters encore ever with Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones brought on stage, Taylor on lead vocal and Dave Grohl on drums, 2009 at Wembley with Number One Son – memories are made of this)
Muse – Hysteria (the finest, most relentless, driving bass riff ever. Ever. Also awesome live. Their “Unnatural selection” comes close though)
N.E.R.D. – Lapdance (it was so hard not put a Nirvana track in)
Ok Go – Invincible
Pendulum – Showdown
Queens Of The Stone Age – Go with the flow (another Dave Grohl on drums classic)
Radiohead – High and dry
Senseless Things – Homophobic asshole
Teenage Fanclub – Star sign (try it, it’s lovely)
U -(I don’t have any tunes by artists beginning with U.  I must rectify this)
Velvet Revolver – Slither
Wedding Present – Take me (way overlong jangly brilliance by the Gedge)
X-Ecutioners – It’s going down
Yes – I’ve seen all good people
Frank Zappa – Beauty knows no pain
It’s a bit early-to-mid-90’s-centric, but then so am I.  I was a stooodent in ’88 to ’92 before enjoying a growing social life with a proper job and some money through the 90’s.  Deal with it.
Any comments? 🙂

Just Thinking …

A very brief exchange reminded me of a few questions that I’ve pondered repeatedly in my life.  I wondered if you lot out there in internetland could help me.  Either that, or simply damn you, Pip.  The questions follow the theme of:

“How Effing Desperate And/Or Inspired Must Someone Have Been To Discover This Stuff?” :

Who discovered that cress was edible? And how hungry must that person have been?

Mung Beans?  I mean, MUNG Beans, for goodness’ sake?  I know there are hippies out there who like those things, but really? What are they for?

Apparently someone in South Korea published that sausages make great touchscreen stylii (styluses? whatever) for iPod Touches (what’s the plural for them while we’re on the subject?).  How, in the name of all things unholy did they find that out between canine snacks?

If you’re checking your google reader blog lists over the weekend, and maybe slightly less busy than I am right now, please solve these problems for me.

Too many questions for one day maybe, but help me out.  Thanks!

And, sorry.

Argos Recovery

Last night.

I took advantage of an evening on my own and did some online shopping.  I found myself at the fabled virtual gates of the Hallowed Halls Of Argos.

Now I have to be careful: the .. ahem.. thing I wanted is a gift.  A gift I won’t be presenting until this weekend.  A gift that could be guessed by a certain someone if he or she were to visit this blog.  Which is unlikely, but nonetheless possible.

So, the (ahem) gift was on offer.  If I clicked on the right part of the page, added a certain item to my basket and reserved both items, I would only need to pay for one.  “Right, ” I said to myself, “That’s my business won.  I’m having that. And that free thing too.”

No problem. You’d think.  I got my reservation number texted to my phone and went to bed happy.


At lunch I drove to the nearest actual (not virtual) Argos store with my phone in hand, reservation number at the ready.  I walked purposefully up to the little touchscreen booth and punched in my number.  No free thing.  The gift and the thing both popped up on screen…. at full price.  Full price.  Balls.

Slightly irked, but still purposefully, I then walked to the Customer Service desk.  The pleasant assistant punched my reservation number into her terminal, which told her the same as my terminal had – as you’d expect.  She looked at me.  I looked at her.  She told me it “wasn’t coming up”.  She asked me to wait.

I waited.  I sent a text.  I looked at the virtual Hallowed Halls Of Argos on my phone. I waited a little bit more.  I realise this is all me me me, but I was getting a bit frustrated.

Then the pleasant assistant came back. She’d called Shop Support (whoever they are. Lunchtime cover in Milton Keynes HQ no doubt) who explained that the offer was available Last Night, but not Today.  But since I’d ordered it Last Night, I could have it Today. But nobody else can.

Nice one.  Thanks Argos.  I now have my gift for a certain someone, and a free thing too.

So if you ever go to Argos, it’s unlikely to be true but tell ’em Phill sent ya 🙂

On Target For Goal Number One – Almost

Yesterday I got the Good News that I’ve been selected in the ballot to run in the Great Manchester Run in May. That’ll be my first 10k in about 5 years.

However, my other half didn’t get selected: Bad News.  So, do any of you have a spare ticket already?  If you know anyone who’s planning to pick up an injury or bottle out, let me know.  We’ll both continue training so hopefully we’ll both do the run on the 16th of May.

So, this morning I’ve done another 15 minutes easy running on Week 3 of my training plan and I feel good.  I had been starting to get bored whilst running though, so a little eBay shopping last week delivered a new charging cable for my Samsung mp3 player from the land of the rising sun (£1.99 delivered, woohoo) and now I have Tunage On The Treadmill.

Don’t forget: if you know anyone who has a spare registration for the Great Manchester Run, let me know, please 🙂 Thanks!

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